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Industrial Physical Therapy

With the rising cost of healthcare, not to mention the cost of Workers compensation claims on employers, we offer a technology to assist in getting control of these costs. The information on this types of program is not a hidden fact, although many employers are unaware of it or unaware of their benefits. At Therapy Solutions we offer a program to assist the employer in reducing these costs known as CRT's Isokinetic testing.

Isokinetics is the only form of testing that can determine a person's pre-employment strength level, throughout the entire range of motion, as a matter of scientific fact. It measures the strength, endurance, and range of motion in an applicants knees, shoulders and trunk. CRT testing can be used for many different screenings including:

  • Baseline evaluations of the entire workforce
  • Pre-employment strength testing
  • Return to work full body evaluations
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Body preformance testing
  • Joint strength comparisons

CRT isokinetic testing is superior to any other pre-employment strength testing procedure on the market today. Isokinetics is not a system; it is a science. CRT relies on the science of isokinetics and technology to protect employers from future worker's comp injuries. CRT's stated business objective is to reduce the number of work related injuries and remove associated costs for employers.

For more information on CRT testing or to set up a meeting to hear more about this technology, you may contact Therapy Solutions at (573)517-7900.