Cost Reduction Technology

to Help Your Business

Our technology measures muscle strength and range of motion for knees, shoulders, and lower back. This ADA compliant technology allows companies to: ‰

• Predict and avoid serious strain and sprain injuries before you hire ‰

• Objectively establish return-to-work or fitness-for-duty readiness ‰

• Validate treating physician’s work restrictions


CRT tests we provide

PRE-EMPLOYMENT —a strength and agility test that matches an applicant’s physical capability to the job’s physical demands.

POST-INJURY ASSESSMENT —employee is tested after reporting a strain or sprain injury and results validate the existence of injury and provide guidance to treating physician.

FITNESS FOR DUTY —prior to returning to work following work related or non-work related injury or leave this objective test ensures that worker has attained the strength to safely perform regular job functions.

FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY —an objective, thorough measurement typically conducted following a severe injury or when the worker’s rehabilitation and recovery is slower than expected.

PRE-SEPARATION BASELINE—Before retirement, layoff, facility closure, or other termination establish the employee’s physical condition as a baseline in case the separated employee files a worker's compensation claim


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